ART POEM (copywrite)

the artist must never copy other artists never repeat what others have already done don’t even wear the same shirt unless you’ve found a new way of wearing it life is a series of copyrighted moments from head to toe from birth from first breath from cradle to slightly different cradle the creed is always the same, no copying no cheating no repeating perfection as if we could anyway in the chaos of timepassing there’s only living perpetually and helplessly in the avant-garde,

the lover must never copy other lovers no pecks on the cheek that’s been seen before, no french kissing we will subpoena your lips all parts of the cheek have been officially covered explored patented no white sanctuaries left on that map,

in the future everyone’s a conquistador driven forward by the internalized whip of copyright but fear not, if you fail to find your white spots then sit back and live vicariously through those who do the loving, the camera never forgets no using the same sexual position twice what would your memories say if they saw you were cheating with the new big paper c’s plastered across nipples,

must even the most healing the most exhilarating art be exhaled never to be inhaled again, just take its place like a hostage and then implode in a black hole of derision,

what if art is so worthwhile it’s worth repeating like when a loved one dies and you rush him to the ER and they say yes we can save him we simply press on his chest to mimic his heartbeat and you stop and think oh no that’s so passé it’s been done a million times before what if an art piece heals the spirit heals the mind like the doctor heals the patient like a prayer on a metal table, what if we can’t all come to the mountain and muhammad stands there fruitlessly screaming into his megaphone only reaching a few hundred thousand oh woe is the artist who can’t hold all the world in a single embrace, woe is the nostalgic who feels no greater desire than for the outdated fashions the dead horses, give me second life give me plagiarism like the egg repeating all of evolution in its own forgetful mind like an idea taken in then forgotten and then dreamed up again as one’s own, every life slightly inaccurately copied every one a mutant an unsuccessful attempt at breach of copyright isn’t it enough of a difference that you’re you and I’m me what greater difference could there be than the same words spoken with two different breaths oh dear reader, don’t believe the hype the subpoena my own tattered ego screaming for you to back away from the paper because I’ve written something beautiful, no don’t believe me when I say I want my art to myself, just take my word kiss the monitor and then rinse and repeat


3 thoughts on “ART POEM (copywrite)

  1. Et digt med masser af gode indfald, Det indkredser et problem og endevender det grundigt. Det udtrykker billedligt forskellige holdninger til spørgsmålet som modsiger hinanden, men det er naturligvis tilladt i et digt. Var det et essay, så gik den ikke. Jeg ved ikke hvorfor digteren har set dig sur på de store begyndelsesbogstaver. Måske for at understrege, der ikke er en begyndelse, men at det hele kører i ring?

    • Tak for grundig kommentar! Jeg elsker at få indblik i hvordan teksterne bliver læst.

      Jeg undlader de store begyndelsesbogstaver (og langt de fleste kommaer og punktummer) rent skrive- og læseteknikmæssigt for at holde mit flow kørende; fordi det er den mest effektive måde at rable på, uden at komme til at standse mig selv med fortællemæssige strukturer der er tankerne og billederne uvedkommende; fordi jeg ikke tænker teksterne i det fremadskridende mønster, jeg f.eks. bruger i Sputnik 2-teksterne (som til sammenligning er nærmest hollywoodfilmske i deres omhyggeligt plot-agtige fremadskriden), men i tanker der svæver rundt blandt hinanden uden overordning, modstilling eller ja, begyndelse og slutning. Når jeg undlader det, der skaber begyndelse og slutning i sætninger, kan jeg nemmere suse gennem kompaktskrifterne når jeg læser dem – og det er dette uendeliglandevejsbilfræsfeel, jeg er ude efter.

      Det gør dem for mig også lettere at læse op, fordi jeg har større frihed mht hvor (og om) jeg lægger mine pauser.

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